Pizzanista! is the #2 Best Pizza Slice Joint in Los Angeles according to LA Weekly

Pizzanista! is flattered to have been selected by LA Weekly as the #2 Best Pizza Slice Joint in Los Angeles in the 2012 Restaurant Issue, celebrating everything pizza in L.A.

2. Pizzanista
“Out in the hinterlands of the downtown Arts District is Pizzanista, a semi-hidden shop that specializes in a type of formidable pizza that at first seems vaguely familiar to anyone who has ever hosted a childhood pizza party at an arcade, roller rink or bowling alley. But the crust, which Sotto’s Steve Samson helped develop, is a fluffy, crisp, sourdough-style beast, spread generously with a sheet of cheese floating like a tectonic plate over a molten slick of sauce. Nickel-sized slices of salami curl like upturned umbrellas when cooked. One hefty slice could get you through an evening of stiff drinks. If you’re feeling particularly holier-than-thou, try the Meat Jesus, an all-meat monster paved with a mix of pepperoni, sausage and bacon. 2019 E. Seventh St., dwntwn.; (213) 627-1430,”

Photos by Anne Fishbein




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