Pizza Foundation in Marfa, TX

To ring in New Year’s Eve this year, we traveled to the vast, beautiful expanses and far corners of West Texas. While in Marfa, we dropped in to visit our friends at Pizza Foundation and feast upon their outstanding thin-crust pies. Founded and run by RISD (my alma mater!) graduate Saarin Keck and her husband, Ronnie O’Donnell, Pizza Foundation serves fresh-to-order pizzas made entirely from scratch (using ingredients produced by local farmers) that give any East Coast pizzeria a run for their money.

Described by Vanity Fair as “a really good pizza joint in an old gas station”, Pizza Foundation is located smack dab in Marfa’s town center at the main crossroads (with the town’s only traffic light, which isn’t really a traffic light at all, but a blinking red stoplight).  The quaint and charming restaurant has an outside patio for dining and offers fresh limeade, as well as a unique selection of beer and wine. Our food was DELICIOUS!  If you find yourself anywhere near the Trans-Pecos region, do yourself a favor and head to Pizza Foundation!

PS – Saarin’s sister, Maiya Keck, is the owner (and executive chef) of Maiya’s restaurant, which serves excellent Northern Italian food, and the Get Go gourmet grocery store.

Pizza Foundation
100 E. San Antonio Street
Marfa, TX 79843
Pizza Foundation on Facebook 


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